Contract A

Phase I, Phase II, Phase III

Essential for a positive outcome

Innovative Marketing knows that it takes quality suspects lists to have a successful marketing campaign. Our relationship with major vendors allows us to electronically download suspect lists that are preset to your specifications. With these lists our marketing staff can begin the Phase I X-Dating process.
Phase I
The main function of X-Dating is to strike a warm interest in comparison quotes on insurance policies. Whenever possible, our marketing staff will attempt to convert the X-Date lead into Phase II immediately, with a questionnaire and/or appointment.
* Customized Lists * Pre-qualified Prospect Leads (X-Dates)
* Market Research * Tracking and Analysis
Phase II
Phase II is the continuation of Phase I, with the conversion of X-Dates into either questionnaires or questionnaires with an appointment. IM takes pride in our high and effective conversion ratios. Our highly trained Marketing Research Interviewers are exceptional when it comes to extracting pertinent information from key contact people, which will assist an agent in properly evaluating and quoting a risk.
Phase III
Phase III is our follow-up program. We track results from the following years prospects and those unresolved Questionnaires (Q’s) and/or Questionnaires with Appointments (QA’s) will be marketed and converted into strictly appointments.