IM Testimonials

"Two of our producers went out on a call today. The Q & A sheet that had the appointment date was done by Patty in your office. The contact at this prospect could not say enough kind words about Patty. He thought she was a great interviewer. He said that he has pretty strict orders for his support people not to allow solicitor or telemarketing calls through to him. But somehow Patty made it through the "fire wall" and he even enjoyed speaking with her. So, kudos to Patty for a job well done!!!!"
* Debra Matthies, Brown & Brown of Washington

"I would like to say, first off, that most of us, in insurance sales, really do have a sense of how difficult it is to produce a quality lead. In fact, if it weren’t such a difficult thing, we’d be doing it ourselves! So thank you for taking on this challenge and helping us independent agents stay in business! I can’t tell you how often I am impressed and amazed that you manage to elicit information from the most elusive, and/or difficult to contact, clients (voicemail!).
* Jean Winston, Winston & Associates Insurance Brokers

"IM's overbearing enthusiasm for marketing pretty much turned me off as Isuspected it was all hype. Eventually I succumbed in April of 2001 to Bruce's persistenceand am happy to report the experience has been a very professional and profitable experiencefor ISU. I have invested $46,000 and have written commission of approximately $100,000.Assuming those accounts stay with me for just 3 short years I have spent $46,000 toearn $300,000...that is an incredible 600% return on my investment."
* T. J. Ryan III, President, ISU Group